Session 6

SIOs and Leadership: Their Role in Uncertain Times

定員 Capacity: 40

Abstract 概要:
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Senior International Officers (SIOs) dealt with a broad range of institutional management issues to promote campus internationalization. Since the pandemic, for many SIOs, these management issues have become more complex, because they are at the center of institutions' COVID-19 response. Issues affecting international students and scholars, global partnerships, and even travel require that SIOs make decisions that are both deliberate and creative. These decisions are made more complicated in context of the serious financial constraints that many higher education institutions now find themselves in. The question for SIOs now is this: How can SIOs be more creative and innovative as the institutional leader of internationalization in the era of “new normal”?

For answering this question, SIOs need to review and prioritize what their institutions have done for international education and collaboration. The presenters will provide key topics for the clarification of various issues in the pre- and post-pandemic periods, in order to discuss the leadership roles of internationalization in the “new normal” era. The first speaker, Hiroshi Ota, provides current issues in the internationalization of Japanese universities, focusing on human resources and professional development for SIOs. The second speaker, Yukako Yonezawa, presents the results of the SIOs survey in Japan conducted in 2019 and new emerging practices of SIOs’ leadership in 2020. The third speaker, Cheryl Matherly, will explore trends with the role of the SIO prior to the pandemic, and how these impact and are impacted by their institutions' response to COVID-19.

Speakers 発表者:

Hiroshi Ota 太田 浩
Hitotsubashi University, Professor

Yukako Yonezawa 米澤 由香子
Tohoku University, Associate Professor

Cheryl Matherly シェリル・マーザリー
Lehigh University - Vice President / Vice Provost, International Affairs

This session will be in English.