Session 14

Empowering Global Entrepreneurs

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Abstract 概要:
There is an ever-increasing complexity of challenges & opportunities faced by the next generation in this connected global village. How might universities, in particular, international educators, foster and equip the next generation of talent with the skills, mindset & capabilities to tackle this brave new world? This session will explore ways in which educators could initiate entrepreneurial programs as a way to nurture this emerging set of mindset and skillset. Speakers will share care case studies and good practices based on their expertise.

Sydney School of Entrepreneur (SSE) is one of the leading entrepreneurship schools in Australia, with the mission to drive next-generation entrepreneurship, making opportunity accessible to anyone in NSW. SSE works with a growing community of interdisciplinary, diverse and globally connected professionals & educators to help create high growth businesses and jobs of the future.

Sekai Creator unlocks the hidden potential of Japanese students through entrepreneurship education. The startup incubator program guides students from zero to early stage startup in 8 weeks.

At Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, we believe that Positive Education is the way to prepare the youth of today for the world of tomorrow. To achieve that, we developed the EmPOWER programme that has four stages; Knowing and Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading Communities and Leading Enterprise. The programme not only focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills, but also other attributes key for entrepreneurial success and fulfilment such as resilience, sense of purpose, emotional intelligence and happiness.

Sydney School of Entrepreneur (SSE)

Sekai Creator

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Following speakers’ presentations, ample time will be provided for participant questions as well as additional dialogue regarding entrepreneur education.

Speakers 発表者:
Emily Chang, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship
Steve Sakanashi, Sekai Creator
Mushtak Al-Atabi, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

This session is in English.