Session 7

Fostering and Developing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Date/Time: 8月26日 (金) Fri, Aug 26(10:40-12:00)
実施方法 Method of Presentation: ハイフレックス / Hybrid-Flexible
Face-to-face 定員 Capacity: 30
Language: 英語 English
Pre-assignment: TBA

Abstract 概要

Japan is facing some significant challenges with the rate of startups being created and supported when compared with surrounding Asian countries and other well-known startup hub cities in the US and Europe. Part of the challenge is infrastructure-related and another challenge is related to culture, including a clash between entrepreneurial culture and traditional Japanese views and approaches to risk and uncertainty in business. This session will explore the role of universities in combatting this challenge, and specifically look at initiatives related to supporting student entrepreneurs from the perspectives of professional service providers in this area in both Japan and overseas.

Speakers 発表者:

Founder & CEO, Innovation Dojo Japan
Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University