Session 6

Intercultural Competence for the Post-Pandemic Future: Recent Developments, Trends and Implications

Date/Time: 8月26日 (金) Fri, Aug 26(09:00-10:20)
実施方法 Method of Presentation: 対面 / Face to face
Language: 英語 English
Pre-assignment: なし No

Abstract 概要

Given the increasing global divergence and societal divides, intercultural competence is needed now more than ever as we move forward into a post-pandemic future. What are some of the recent developments globally in regard to intercultural competence? And what are some emerging trends within international higher education regarding the development and assessment of intercultural competence? Join in this session to explore these developments and trends, as well as their implications in our work as international educators.

Speakers 発表者:

Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA)